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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  September 25, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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night. when did all this start and what are police doing to try to catch the suspect? >> reporter: it's a tough case, 15 burglaries, all within a few blocks of one another. we're talking about the boulevard parks development. back in there neighbors are tight. there as never been any crime to speak of. now it seems everyone they know is getting burglarized. police feel it is by the same suspect who is familiar with the neighborhood and the routines. the suspect usually breaks in when no one is home and makes off with cash, jewelry and electronics, the frequency forcing many who live here to change the way they live. >> it upset everybody who lives here. neighbors are getting burglar alarms. windows are being locked down
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with bars. until now we didn't -- we didn't even put our lawn mowers away. >> reporter: coming up at six we'll explain how the man has been able to elude police and how communities are taking steps to catch him. we are working with you to give you tips. make shower you lock the outside doors and windows before you leave the house or go to bed. if you're going away for a little while, connect the lights to automatic timers. make sure your lawn morse, snowblowers and bikes are out of sight. ask a locksmith for advice. the most important advice is to call police if you seian thing
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that's suspicious. a story uncovered by abc2 is the hottest story. she made her big move to new york city. her family paid up to $900 to move her stuff but the movers wanted more even though she had a binding contract. joce sterman is working for you. this is something is that folks shouldn't have to deal with in addition to the stress of moving. >> reporter: there are laws to protect you when you move. they vary from state to state. if you don't know your rights, are a giving movers a chance to take you for a ride. 25-year-old lauren richardson's move to new york city had a rocky start eye was determined to move in, get settled and have a life. >> reporter: lauren said she had nothing for the first two months
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because she claims her maryland mover paid her stuff hostage we they added fees. lauren knew her rights and the law and that's what eventually helped her get her stuff back after months of hounding the company but many people go into their moves without the information they need. >> you want to trust the company. >> reporter: but the maryland motor truck association said trust with movers should beened over time. they don't have to register with any state agency. when booking, he said it's best to ask friends and family for referrals and research them with the better business bureau and check out protect your try to get at least three inhome estimates but don't automatically go with the low bam estimate.
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once a mover has your stuff they're in control. rogue operators may decide to hold your stuff for ran some. >> we actually have a regulation here but it doesn't protect us even though we're using a mad mover when we relocate to another state, they may not have the same regulation. >> reporter: moving within maryland a law says your items cannot be held even if there's a dispute but interstate is different. the feds say feds can't hold your stuff if you have a binding contract and paid in full like lauren did. the same if you have a nonbinding estimate and paid 110% up front. those rules apply to those who obey the rules. some don't. >> they're still operating. >> reporter: and getting your things tbrak a bad carrier can
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ab battle. lauren learned that the hard way. with her stuff back in her possession, she is settling. maryland law requires a written estimate with a cap on the amount of extra fees that can be added in after delivery. you need to read the contract to find out what you're liable for with the move and find out if the moving company will move your stuff or hire or contract other subsidiaries. if your stuff gets held hostage, try reaching out to an advocacy group like move rescue. you'll find links to the information at in the investigators section. >> thanks for that report. just five games left at camden yards for the baltimore orioles. five chance to see the birds run toward an orioles october.
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tonight they take on the blue jays. look at him, another orange jacket. >> i've got to borrow some. good weather, kelly. >> good. bring it on. take a look at manchester, not a cloud in the sky. 74ou're going out to the game we have a good looking skyline. temperatures out to the west in the 70s. eastern shore numbers into the 70s. maryland's most powerful radar is clear. we're tracking a band of showers moving through west virginia and virginia. this is off toward the south. more showers are off toward the west. that's when we introduce the chance for rain showers coming into the picture. if you're doing down to the game 68. first pitch at 7:05. lake gentle southerly winds at 5 to 106789 the rain chances will hold off until after midnight. nighttime temperatures 6 4-6rbgs
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wake -- 64. we'll talk about the forecast coming up. >> let's go down to the yard and check in with jamie. five more chances to push. >> front -- toronto blue jays. there will be a lot of people in the stands cheering him on. we want to cheer on the heads grounds keeper. her name is nicole sherry and she is the woman with the greatest looking lawn in baltimore. she is a university of delaware graduate and she is pulling for the o's to make post season. like an artist can detect flaws, she, too, can detect the greenest blades of grass. give it an every day shade in
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the morning, lot the of water and baby it. orioles park looks great. right, nicole? >> my greatest compliment is when people find out it's real grass, not fake. it looks so perfect. >> reporter: it does look perfect. now we we make the post season, she's going to come up with the kansas city grid. this is that crisscross. she'll have the same in the field. joe saunders against adam laughy. looks like they're going to go to the hospital on thursday to deliver their first child so we'll cope an eye on that. we're also keeping an eye on tickets. tickets are completely sold out for the wild card and the playoffs. if you don't have your seat,
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you'll have to take your chances with an after market seral -- seller. we'll find out more about the counterfeiters who are working evertime. we'll tell you about bogus tickets, what they look like, the red flags and the battle to stay one step ahead of these scammers. >> counterfeiters want top dis-- want to replicate as many features to pass them to the and consumer as well as the date official. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00, the experts weigh in so you don't get scammed trying to get a seat for the post season. check out our website at for the amazing fan photo contest. submit a picture showing your orange pride and you can win a
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gift card to the zone. sign up on our home page in the spotlight section. kelly, this jacket is circa, 1997. i didn't have to extend the buttons, either. >> still looking dpoo.d have -- good. have us a win at 11:00. >> he's supposed to bring me a new jacket. hopefully i'll have that on for the six. see these two men? that's rob. right next to him that's linwood. they're both blind. they're coming into this game because they want top feel the excitement. you'll hear their story and see what they see at 11:00. back to you. >> we'll see you at 6:00. let's talk about foocialtion the nfl. the league is now admitting that
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a bad call cost the green bay packers the game. last night's game went down to the wire with the seahawks trailing. the quarterback released a hail mary pass. it was a scramble in the end zone and a split disismghts one ref said touchdown. the other said interception. the last second touchdown pass should not have been overturned but acknowledged. golden tate should have been called for interference. the nfl is still locked in the labor dispute, so the replacements came from the college level and arena league and they've been taking a lot of ?eet one washington state's man hung are turned to horror after he found a black widow spider in a late night snack. lee said he pulled out a bag of green grapes from the fridge and
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went to eat one and saw a black spider. he put it in a jar and saw the red hour glass marking and knew this was deadly. he called the story but wanted to get his story out there to remind people to check out those fruits and vegetables and wash them very, very well. speaking of food, excess belly fat. that can be harmful to your health. we'll tell you about a new procedure that can melt the belly fat away with one simple injection. do you play favorites with your children? one father is taking a lot of heat for saying he prefers one of his sons over the other. >> we're counting down as we continue the playoff push. leave it right here. anncr: more anti-maryland ads.
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from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed.
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mothers who were born prematurely can expect to have problems inner that own pregnancy. the risk doubled for mothers born before 32 weeks. they include gestational diabetes, hypertension and pree clam si ya. doctors need it take a million's preterm birth into account when deciding on proper treatment. okay. do you have some belly fat? researchers have come up with an injection to melt away the fat from your waist line. linda so has more in the health story. >> reporter: doctors say the biggest threat to the millions of americans who are obese is
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the wait in their mid-section. it's the visceral fat around vital organs. >> it's difficult to remove oar but researchers at ohio state's comprehensive cancer center has taken an important step by using good fat to melt away the harmful fat. in the past scientists have tried injecting white fat with energy burning brown fat cells. researchers came up with this, capsules that carry brown fat cells into white fat and hide them from the immune s the key is the capsule. >> they're small enough that they wouldn't allow new cells to get inside and kill the cell inside the capsule but allow proteins to pass in and out. >> reporter: white fat begins to
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burn. researchers fed rats high fat diets and injctd these capsules. >> we find out this mouse lost 20% of visceral fat. >> reporter: it's gone in less than 90 days, a promising new fat toward battling obesity in the future. >> in the coming months researchers plan to try it on animals like cats and dogs. human tests are still a few years away. sibling riflery is one -- rivalry is one thing but one dad is aitting that he prefers one of his sons over the other. he posted it online. immediately other parents started weighing in and most of them were not happy. >> we need it take that language
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and call him my favorite. he is the one i relate to easier. if that means he's my favorite, i don't think that's too evil. >> we want to know what you think? do you have a favorite child? if you do, is it okay to say it. post your comments there and see what other people are saying. all right. not a bad evening. oriole park. 7:05 first pitch. 74 degrees in town right now. we'll be seeing those temperatures falling back into the 60s. tonight it's a beautiful shot in manchester. havre de grace camera looking pretty good. temperatures running into the 70s. here's the shot downtown, a gorgeous shot as the sun sets a little before 7:00. we made it to 74 degrees this
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afternoon. normally around 74. on par for average. that was in the books for 1970. 74 in town. eastern shore until beers between 73 and 74. frederick the warmer spot. we have a bit of a breeze in the southerly direction. that is what's bringing in the milder air. we'll be warmer tomorrow going to the low 80s. we notice the clear skies. that's going to slowly introduce the idea of more cloud cover going into the tail end of this evening. that will open the door for a few scattered showers. 11:00, temperature around 64 degrees. we're down to 60 tomorrow morning, trading it with the low 50s. on our way up to 84. scattered showers a possibility. the majority of the day those stay dry with a blend of mostly cloudy skies. notice most of the wet weather over west virginia. that stays toward the south. if you follow the frontal boundary, you do find patches of
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showers, one over des moines. this is more wet weather that's developing. we'll see bands of showers running along the cold front. look at the temperatures starting to warm up. 77 chicago. kansas city a shade off 80. tomorrow is the warm day mostly cloudy day. by thursday this front looks to traverse the area and move more toward the south. if we can push this toward the south we'll get a little more sunshine as opposed to cloud cover. mostly cloudy skies. so there's the spotty showers after midnight. there will be another rund that rolls in after the evening commute and everything will sag off toward the south. thursday looks good, a blend of sunshine and more showers make its way in friday. 358. late showers developing. tomorrow afternoon your two-degree guarantee, a balmy
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81. i think the we're good for the orioles game as we go into tomorrow, 81. we have the ravens game thursday night, a blend of sunshine and clouds. got a night game for the ravens and 70s for fry descrai with the pos -- friday with the possibility of showers and for the weekend whether the storm comes over maryland. indications are spotty shower, nothing to worry b we'll drop the -- worry about. we'll drop the temperatures back into the 70s. >> i feel like i woke up and it was fall. it came like this. >> frederick at 39 last night but that's not going to happen. a little tease. >> all right. we're going to tease you with this. "dancing with the stars" returned last flight with its all-star season. we're giving you the full recap. and his work goes for more than
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$250. we'll introduce you to justin, the painting horse.
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a store owner in georgia is offering customers an unusual promotion. if you buy a ring, he will throw in a rifle for free. customers who purchase a $2500 ring get a voucher for a rifle. of course they'll have to qualify and follow the regulations. the man behind the promotion said it's generating a lot of buzz and it's perfectly legal. forget about picasso and van gough, justin, the 9-year-old stallion is the latest superstar
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to enter the art world. his work is turning heads. >> it's a nice body of work. i said, hey, look what just thin is doing. people would say who's justin. i would say he's my horse. >> a horse is a horse of course, has his own website selling his paintings which start at $250. all right. coming up, we're getting close to the sound of slot machines in downtown baltimore. we'll give you a sneak peek of what the new building will look like. we're doing it gage at 7:05. orioles against toronto. p
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another perfect fall day, nothing to complain about. cool enough that the jackets, scarfs and sooks have started coming out of the closet. but


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